Tips to Heading Into Your Final Year Of High School

My new year’s resolution for 2017 is to reduce my stress levels.

This particular resolution will be difficult to achieve as (deep breath) I am going into my final year of high school. Yes, year 12!

Although this seems to be an almost impossible resolution to achieve under the circumstances, I will work at this every spare second I get next year.

Some ways that I will be able to achieve this resolution include organising, prioritising and, above all, completing my work.

This is just a small part to a big change in my life as I am prone to stressing. Organising my work can make completing my work a lot easier, as all my work will be in order, making it easier to start new projects. I will have all the task sheets and important information right in front of me, rather than me having to search through a huge pile of notes and sheets of paper to find something.

Prioritising my work is also an essential part to reducing stress, as it will allow me to complete the work that needs to be completed first, giving me a good idea of when each thing is due and how long I have to work on it.

Another important way to de-stress is, quite simply, remembering to relax. I need to spend more time doing things such as reading, colouring and watching television. I need to set more time to de-stressing, or I will sit and work for countless hours doing homework and assignments, without any breaks.

I need to set myself breaks and time to do the things I enjoy and things that don’t require much thinking. I need to give my brain a break to rest and rejuvenate so that it can work at its fullest capacity once I restart my school work.

Finally, I need to give myself a better sleeping routine; at least eight hours a day. This includes going to bed and waking up at the same time so my body can be ready for the day, having woken up refreshed.

With all these in mind I should be able to achieve my new year’s resolution of reducing stress.