Know Your Procrastinator Kind

Procrastination is a scary topic, right? Especially when you are in the middle of your study and you have been bombarded with assignments in each subject.

Whether you are at university, at school or even completing an external study, there is no doubt that you will find yourself procrastinating in some way or another at some point. And I am here to help you; not to help you stop, mind you, but to help you discover what sort of procrastinator you are.

#1: The YouTube Diver

This is the most common kind of procrastinator. You have opened your laptop or sat down at the computer desk to start writing that essay you have been putting off. You decide you need some information, so you search and unexpectedly end up on YouTube for hours on end looking up anything and everything. It’s like a black hole that you can’t get out of. You may begin with a video on the subject relating to your work, but three hours later you have been through fail videos, grandmas on waterslides, chimpanzees hugging dogs and dogs licking ducks. And even though you promised yourself “only one more video”, you always end up finding yourself watching Shane Dawson’s Conspiracy Theory clips. Always.

Hot Tip: Although this is a bad habit, there is a way to get through these clips a bit quicker. On the video, click the settings icon and change the speed to 1.25x, 1.5x or even 2x (if you can still understand it enough). This is especially useful when you find yourself somehow watching 30-minute long Sims walk-throughs.

#2: The Room Re-Decorator

After you have watched literally all the videos on YouTube, you look around and see that your room is in pitch black darkness, so you get up to turn the lights on but trip over 10 separate objects on your way to the switch. Now, you decide to do the unspeakable: actually clean your room! Unfortunately, this doesn’t last longer than putting your washing into the basket because you find that ‘thing’ you liked. You know that ‘thing’, right? Yeah, that. It was so much fun when you were a kid and now it’s even more interesting. You find a treasure box of things you decide to save for your own children, as well as a box of dead Tamagotchis, leaving them aside to remind yourself to buy new batteries.

#3: The Creative

Rummaging through your room and finding your old diaries has inspired you. Then and there, you decide to make a scrapbook of all your favourite memories. You collect all the creative things you have—pens, pencils, sticky tape and paper—and set them aside on your desk. You log onto your laptop to find those precious photos to print. Yet the cycle only starts again. You find yourself back on YouTube watching Justin Bieber’s “Baby” video. And at this stage, it’s too late to start anything because its 3am in the morning and you’re too tired to do any essay writing. Plus, you have class in five hours