Fight Procrastination With The Perfect Study EnvironmentF

Getting into the rhythm of study is close to impossible and finding a way to focus solely on the task at hand is a lot more challenging than it seems.

So, here is what I do when I cannot procrastinate from my studies any longer:
1) Find Your Zone.
Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, find wherever you focus best and is completely free from distraction. Let whoever is living with you know that now is not the time to discuss whatever particular Mexican food they are craving at that very moment and get down to business. I personally think it is best to work at a desk or table instead of on the couch or a bed, as it separates relaxing and focusing, and helps just a little bit in regards to concentration.
2) Light It Up.
Have a lamp or desk light near you, and position it so you don’t create shadows over your work. I also work really well with candles in my room. usually placing two or three on my desk. (Just keep them clear of your papers!)
3) Music Please!
If you work well with music (and don’t try if you know it will distract), set up a little speaker nearby or plug in your headphones. This one really depends on the individual, but choose something that will help you get in the zone – nothing too upbeat or sentimental. I usually go to a Focus Spotify Playlist or something that can kind of blur into the background.
4) Gear Up.
Get out your lappie, books, texts, pencils, et cetera, and figure out what you need to do. If there is an extensive amount, write a list to make sure nothing is forgotten. Start out with the easiest job or the task you will most enjoy, and work your way from there. Getting the most enjoyable things done first will start you going on a roll to banish the build-up of procrastination. Aim for a simple desk or workspace, keeping only the things you need for each task in front of you. This will allow you to not seem too overwhelmed and keep you chipping away one task at a time.
5) An Apple A Day.
If you are a notorious snacker like myself, stock up! A water bottle is an obvious choice for your workspace, but you should also arm yourself with snacks such as nuts, cut up fruit, crackers or whatever you feel are good to have near you so you can avoid getting up. Easy to eat snacks that you don’t have to make mouthfuls with or eat with two hands are the best, because you don’t need to disrupt your mind’s awesome train of thought.
6) Keep On Keepin’ On.
Study can be awful. Study can seem really daunting. Sometimes, I want to bury study in a deep hole… but when you get down to it, the build-up of not studying is a lot more stressful than the actual work itself. So just do it, and don’t make it a terrible mountain of impossible in your head. It is always worth it. Good luck!